5 Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Just because an area is small doesn’t mean it cannot be utilized to the fullest. Many times a small area can be made to feel larger by using a few different methods. After applying some of the updates mentioned in this article, the space will feel larger and more fulfilling at the same time. The following five ideas help take a small space and maximize it to add space.

1. Mirrors Are Magic

Mirrors have the power of spreading light around a room and can even make a small area feel much larger than it actually is. By adding mirrors to a small area, the mirrors give the feel that the area is almost twice as large. Many establishments have used mirrors to enhance their areas, such as a bar or saloon. Hanging mirrors everywhere could be viewed as tacky, so it is better to have a strategy before hanging a mirror. Find the right corner or area on the wall to place a mirror that will create the illusion of space. Mirrors help to widen the space in a smaller area and can be hung with a frame, which even helps to give the appearance the mirror is art.

2. Partitions Work

Many have used partitions to help split up a small space. By adding a partition, more surface area is created to hang mirrors, portraits, and pictures. There are a great many different types of partitions available. Some partitions are decorative, while other partitions are very basic. Partitions come in different sizes and price points. Partitions can also be designed and created for specific locations.

3. Cabinetry

There are specific cabinets that are available for small spaces. These cabinets help expand a space by allowing for vertical storage. In most cases vertical storage will make the most sense, however, in other cases, a horizontal cabinet may be more appropriate. No matter the choice, cabinets are a great way to expand a small area.

4. Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is often used in a kitchen, however, vertical storage can also be applied to a smaller space. Think about how a washer and dryer are now stacked and how this helps save space, and even makes washing clothes easier in many cases. Cabinets help with storage needs and going vertical will help create more space.

5. Remodel

We’ve gone over some ideas that can help make a small space much better, however, in some cases, this will not be enough. Some small spaces will need a remodel. Remodeling is not inexpensive and can become costly, yet it can truly enhance a small space. Can the space be opened up by knocking out a wall? Is there the possibility of adding a deck or patio? Each small space has distinct issues that can be addressed with a remodel.

Overall, a small space can be optimized with just a few design changes. Try mirrors, partitions, cabinetry, and vertical storage to enhance the area.