7 Tips For Designing A Living Room

No room in the house has the power to transform the tone of a home like a living room. This room has the power to take the worst of days and offer a solace corner from the world to recuperate. Everyone has their own style, so here are 7 adaptable design tips for designing a wow factor that fits your vibe!

1. The furniture – Kids, pets, and chaos, oh my! You know your lifestyle best. Get furniture with the material that feels best with the function that caters to your sanity (washable seat covers, hallelujah!) Neutral tones cater to people who like to change things up a bunch and cater to being budget-friendly. Accessories can satisfy the pop of color you crave.

2. Throws (of both pillow and blanket) – Mixing color pallets with the season or your mood can give some personalization that makes your space unique to you. Buying throw pillow inserts and adding pillowcases of varying textures and shape create visual depth, which adds a focus of attention.

Try a pillowcase in a dark color velvet paired with a brighter color in a funky cotton pattern! As for blankets? Look for function. Something soft, printed, sturdy or handmade can all be the perfect fit. Keep it folded in thirds and draped for an inviting look.

3. Artwork – Do not buy an art piece to hang in your home if you do not enjoy looking at it! If it makes you happy or brings out a giggle, buy it. The thing that will set you apart is the frame. Clean and simple, or textured and natural, frames can be painted or tweaked to fit any aesthetic.

4. Shelves – The most important thing with shelves is to make sure they are straight. Hanging shelves in mirrored patterns or higher up on the wall can make the room look larger and more balanced.

5. Lighting – Lamps are always a bright idea! A soft lighting bulb can bring that cozy glow to unwind, especially if you work under fluorescent lights during the day. Lamp bases are also another chance to add a pop of color or texture. A simple base with a patterned shade can bring balance to a side table, especially when all lit up!

6. Shelf/table items – The rule of three strikes again! Too many items in a space can feel busy, plus, it is high maintenance to clean! Three items to space give a look of purpose and functionality without being too much. Candles can bring a visual appeal and a welcoming scent that sets the mood for the room. Bonus!

7. Plants – Not everyone has a green thumb, but thankfully artificial plants have come a long way in both variety and appeal. Sometimes the idea of having soil or moss around is overwhelming. Fake plants and succulents can have all the charm of real plants by adding some natural greenery without maintenance. Or you can dazzle with your Eden-esque skills. As you do!