7 Tips to Help You Decide Between a Sectional or a Sofa

Furniture will define your living room and provide the house with a unique feel. Choosing the right furniture means that you can showcase your personality and make some bold statements. After a hard day’s work, the living room is the place you’ll spend most of your time in.

Therefore, you have to know whether you need a sectional or a sofa. Even though it can be arduous to find the best solution, worry not since we have seven tips for you to consider. Also, be sure to visit Palmetto Furniture for a high selection of furniture.

1. Flexibility

If you want some decorating flexibility, sofas will be the go-to option. You can easily change the furniture arrangement and fabric. It’s also easier to accent sofas with side chairs and other different pieces. With sectionals, on the other hand, you mostly have one configuration to work with. It makes it hard to make changes to the living room as per your preference.

2. Comfort

Sectionals win when you want to relax and spread out when watching TV. They are comfortable, and they will have more room to veg out and lay down. Reclining sofas will offer better leisure, but for horizontal comfort, sectionals will be the best choice.

3. Space

Sectionals occupy less space compared to sofas. However, sofas will be the best solution for a larger room if you want to occupy more space. Why do sectionals win in small spaces? You have more room per square inch, unlike with sofas. Sectionals will have more seating since they will not mince any space.

4. Price

In this category, there is no apparent winner. Sectionals can provide you with better value since it’s easier to attain more pieces for a lower price. It makes it a tempting offer since you won’t have to pay a lot like you would for a sofa.

However, sofas, on the other hand, allow you to purchase one at a time. You don’t need to buy an entire set. You can work with your budget to pick a good solution.

5. Layout

With sectionals, you lock yourself to using a specific layout. You can change sofas as you’d like to find a format that works perfectly with the living space. When purchasing a sectional, you need to visualize how you want the layout to be. This won’t be the case with sofas since you can buy them and organize them to your liking.

6. Seating Space

Besides checking how much space you’ll have in the living room, you should also consider looking at the number of people your sofa will need to hold. If you entertain people often within your house, a sectional will be the best option. It provides you with more space without occupying a large part of the living room. If you occasionally have guests, a sofa might be better since you can arrange the living space for the house’s design.

7. Your Needs

It all boils down to what you want in your living room. There are many reasons why you can justify either a sectional or a sofa. For example, a sectional can be great for a large family. A sofa is versatile because you can pick it if you like to rearrange the house frequently.