What Furniture Do I Need In My Child’s Nursery

Becoming a parent is an exciting time but it can also be confusing. With so many options for baby gear available, it can seem overwhelming when trying to make a decision, particularly if you’re on a budget. One of the most important decisions you will make as a new parent is what to put in your child’s nursery. There are much different sleeping, changing, play, and storage options but do you really need all of those things? Here are the basic necessities you’ll use the most in your child’s earliest months of life.

While a crib may seem like an obvious choice to put on this list, it is certainly one of the most important. There are many infant sleep options on the market such as bassinets, pack n plays, swings and more. While cribs, bassinets, and pack n plays are safe sleep options for your infant, swings are not and should not be used for unsupervised sleep. It is important to buy a crib for your child because it will last longer for them than a bassinet or pack n play, both of which are quickly outgrown. If you want your crib to last even longer you should consider purchasing a convertible crib. Convertible cribs can be turned into a toddler bed and some can even be turned into a full-sized bed.

Changing Table
You’ll be changing a lot of diapers once your newborn arrives and you’ll want to do it the easiest way possible. By purchasing a changing table you will be able to safely change your baby’s diaper without having to bend over. Additionally, you’ll have one central location to store all of your diaper changing supplies which can be helpful as you don’t want to be scrambling for diaper cream in the middle of a diaper change! Lastly, some changing tables come with a strap that can help safely secure your infant during their diaper change.

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to store all of the tiny adorable clothes as well. Although you may be tempted to use a closet to store baby’s clothes it should be noted that they can often be difficult to hang due to their small size. Additionally, it’s much easier to grab a sleeper or onesie out of a drawer in an emergency than to try and take one off the hanger. Whether you buy a dresser or chest of drawers is personal preference but each does have their own benefits. For example, some dressers can be equipped with a changing pad so that you don’t have to buy a changing table. If you’re worried about a lack of space in your nursery you may consider buying a chest of drawers as they stand vertically and take up less room.

Babies are only little for so long so you should remember that they will eventually outgrow their original furniture. Additionally, all babies aren’t the same and some may have different needs or preferences than others. However, if you stick to the basics you’re sure to be satisfied with your decision!