What’s the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary?

When it comes to building a home, the design is important. Two styles that are very common today are modern and contemporary. To the passerby, the terms seem to blend together. They both mean the same thing, don’t they? Both mean that the home has more recent touches, such as voice controls and Roombas, right? Though experts agree that the mix-up is understandable due to the similarities between the two styles, there are plenty of differences to make each stand apart from the other.

Let’s first define what each style entails. Contemporary homes contain design components from the latter half of the 20th century. They call for architects to take more artistic liberties and think more outside the box. The style of the moment rules here! Modern homes can contain these same components but may also incorporate ideas back to the 1920s. They call for balance and structure in their design. No matter the age or era the home won’t change.

What are the differences between the two styles of homes? Modern homes have a more balanced and structured appearance while the contemporary is meant to be less restrictive in design, allowing for different styles to be incorporated into its architecture.

This allows contemporary homes to stand out a tad more due to their uniqueness of structure. Different materials are also used for each. Contemporary homes are built from eco-friendly, recycled, and sometimes very creative materials, such as old shipping containers. Modern homes are built from traditional materials; thus, appearing more “normal”.
The contemporary is styled using a combo of modernism and minimalism with each room or section of the building has a different style while the modern features crisp, sharp lines, warm neutrals, and incorporating balance throughout the design throughout each room or section. The modern home will have decor inspired by what’s popular in the here and now while the contemporary will choose the mix and match unique pieces to create an interior as eye-catching as its exterior.

Why does the average Joe have trouble telling them apart? That’s an easy explanation! Due to their natures, both designs may borrow from each other. The contemporary may borrow some balance and structure in its purpose of artistic flair. The modern may borrow unique pieces in its interior if they are deemed popular in the current day. Since both styles may take cues from the other, it’s easy to see why anyone would think the words are synonyms for each other!

Whether you prefer the timeless look of the modern or the whimsy of the contemporary, both styles of homes are meant to reflect the look of their dweller. Each can show to the world the heart and soul of the owner reflected in their design. Home is where the heart is so they say. So let yours be free in a landscape that matches. Do your research on each and speak to professionals about how to craft a home that is what you’re looking for.

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